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Portable Self-heating Thermal Insulation food Box

Portable Self-heating Thermal Insulation food Box

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Product Information:

Our Portable Self-heating Thermal Insulation Food Box, the ultimate solution for enjoying hot meals on the go! Crafted with advanced thermal insulation technology, this food box keeps your meals warm for hours without the need for external heating sources. Simply activate the self-heating feature, and within minutes, your food will be ready to enjoy. Its portable design makes it perfect for commuting, outdoor activities, or travel. With its durable construction and convenient functionality, say goodbye to cold lunches and hello to satisfying hot meals wherever you are!

Name: Japanese thermal insulation lunch box
Capacity: 620ml/420ml
Colors: Matte White, Khaki, Dark Blue
Material: 304 stainless steel+PP+PS
Process: injection molding, polishing and pressing, foam insulation technology

Packing List:

1*  Lunch Box+1* bag

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