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LittleHeads Protector

LittleHeads Protector

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UNLEASH YOUR HOME FROM TODDLER HEAD INJURY HASSLES! Designed to keep your little one safe, the new LittleHeads Protector brings peace of mind to parents with its effective head protection. Crafted for effortless use and maximum comfort, our headgear provides a convenient way to keep your toddler safe during playtime, no matter how active they are.

🐾 gentle yet effective on all surfaces, suitable for all toddlers
ergonomic design for easy handling and comfort

Safety Meets Convenience Experience the perfect blend of effective protection and comfort with our LittleHeads Protector. Designed to make head injury prevention a breeze, this headgear is perfect for maintaining your child's safety during their active playtime.

Protection Meets Comfort The ultimate convenience. Where safety meets ease, that's where you'll find our LittleHeads Protector. This handy tool doesn't just provide head protection; it makes safety a stylishly simple task, ensuring your toddler stays safe and comfortable.

Say Goodbye To Toddler Injury Struggles - Forever! Tackle head injuries with ease using our LittleHeads Protector. It's not just a safety tool; it's a clean, hassle-free solution, promising effortless injury prevention that you'll appreciate every day.

Perfect For Active Playtime Ideal for those energetic moments and playtime adventures, this headgear ensures your toddler stays safe and your peace of mind stays intact, making every playtime a pleasant experience.

Product Information:

  • Size: One size fits all
  • Colors:
    • Yellow Bees (Flannel Medium) - 30cm (excluding horizontal band)
    • Brown Black Bee (Flannel Medium) - 30cm (excluding horizontal band)
    • Yellow Bees (Flannel Medium) - 30cm with horizontal band
    • Brown Black Bee (Flannel Medium) - 30cm with horizontal band
  • Material: Filled with polyester fiber for optimal cushioning
  • Applicable Age: Ideal for infants aged 1-3 years old
  • Style: American

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