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Infant Wood Nipple Clip

Infant Wood Nipple Clip

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Our Infant Wood Nipple Clip, a natural and practical accessory for keeping your baby's pacifier secure and clean! Crafted from smooth and safe wood, this clip features a gentle grip that attaches easily to your baby's clothing or bib. Its minimalist design adds a touch of charm to your little one's ensemble, while ensuring their pacifier is always within reach. Say goodbye to lost pacifiers and hello to convenience with our Infant Wood Nipple Clip. It's the perfect solution for busy parents and contented babies alike!

Size: The length of the pacifier chain is about 24cm
Suitable age: more than 3 months
Mint green, bean paste powder, pink, turmeric, brown, blue, beige, avocado green, light gray, pink, watermelon red, taro purple

1. The nipple chain is clipped to the corner of the baby's clothing to prevent the nipple from falling on the ground and getting dirty.
2. The cute shape is beautiful and generous, attracting the baby's attention and making the baby more like it.
3. Using silicone beads, no sharp edges and corners will not harm the baby.
4. The length of the chain is moderate and won't wrap around the baby.

Packing list: 1x pacifier chain

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