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Newborn Foldable Portable Crib Middle Bed Baby Infant Bionic Mattress

Newborn Foldable Portable Crib Middle Bed Baby Infant Bionic Mattress

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The Newborn Foldable Portable Crib Middle Bed Baby Infant Bionic Mattress offers a cozy and secure sleeping environment for your little one. With its innovative bionic design, this crib mimics the contours of the womb, providing a comforting and familiar space for newborns to rest and sleep peacefully. The foldable and portable design makes it easy to transport and set up, perfect for use at home or while traveling. Made from soft and breathable materials, it offers gentle support and promotes healthy sleep patterns for your baby. Whether used for naps or bedtime, this portable crib mattress ensures that your little one feels safe and comfortable wherever they go.

Product name: portable crib
Product process: removable and washable
Product material: cotton
Size specifications: bed 95*50*15cm quilt 80*90cm.
Filling material: the fence is filled with pearl cotton, the pad core is non-rubber cotton, and the quilt core is cotton tire
Washing suggestion: Use warm water around 30 degrees for the outer jacket. Hand wash, hang to dry, separate wash, avoid dyeing, and just dry the inner core directly.


Style A: Feather white happy home with quilt

Style B: Blue Unicorn Blue Belt Quilt
Style C: medium pink lion deer with quilt
Style D: Polar bear (with quilt)
Style E: Zoo (with quilt)
Style F: Dinosaur Paradise (with quilt)
Style G: Wang Wang team (with quilt)
Style H: Space (with quilt)
Style I: Starry Sky-Pink (with quilt)
Style J: Starry sky-green (with quilt)
Style K: Cake Bunny (with quilt)
Style L: Pretty white dinosaur family with quilt
Style M: Clouds (with quilt)
Style N: Crown (with quilt)
Style O: Watermelon Red Crocodile Triangle Quilt
Style P: Brown Lion Homeland Blue Belt Quilt
Style Q: dark gray lion home white with quilt
Style R: Cyan mini car with quilt
Style S: Lake Blue Zebra Triangle Belt Quilt
Style T: lemon yellow fox friend pink with quilt

Packing list:

Baby bed X1

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