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Baby Bath Thermometer

Baby Bath Thermometer

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Make bath time safe and enjoyable with our Baby Bath Thermometer. This handy device ensures the water temperature is just right for your little one's sensitive skin, helping to prevent scalds and discomfort. With its easy-to-read display and accurate readings, you can quickly assess the water temperature, giving you peace of mind during every bath. Its compact and waterproof design makes it a convenient addition to your baby's bath time routine, while its playful design adds a touch of fun to the experience. Keep your baby safe and comfortable with our Baby Bath Thermometer—an essential tool for every parent.

Temperature measurement range: fresh green, lotus root powder, thermal red, dark blue
Type: water temperature gauge
Color: fresh green
Water temperature gauge material: glass+kerosene
Body material: PP (polypropylene)
Size: 11x10cm

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Thermometer * 1pcs

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