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Baby Bedding Crib Bumper Pillow

Baby Bedding Crib Bumper Pillow

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The Baby Bedding Crib Bumper Pillow is a versatile and practical addition to your nursery decor. Designed to provide cushioning and protection around the edges of the crib, this bumper pillow helps prevent your baby from accidentally hitting or getting stuck between the crib rails. Made from soft and breathable materials, it ensures a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one. Additionally, the bumper pillow adds a decorative touch to the crib, enhancing the overall look of the nursery. Whether used for safety or aesthetics, this baby bedding crib bumper pillow is an essential accessory for any crib setup.

1. It can be used as an infant bed crib fence bumper to protect your baby from getting hurt and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.
2. Made of cotton fabric and will not pilling, cute cartoon shape will attract baby's attraction and also can be a bedroom decoration.
3. Suitable for different places use, such as baby bed, infants crib, baby bumper, etc.
4. The inner filling is down cotton, soft and not easy to deform, provide more protection to your kids.
5. It's essential for infants to avoid the baby's head hit the fence or the hands and feet are stuck in the fence.

Color: Gray, Colorful (Optional)
Material: Cotton
Length: Approx.185cm / 6.1ft

Package Content:
1 * Baby Bed Bumper

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